effective rapid emotional feedback


Efficient Rapid Affective Feedback is a practice of white magic, red magic or high magic, consisting of performing one or more rituals on one or more people to bewitch someone, in order to achieve effective rapid emotional feedback.

The quick and effective return of affection is like white magic, so there is absolutely no risk.

Quick and effective emotional feedback can be done yourself, there are several sites offering simple rituals to perform, requiring very little knowledge. You will find on this site some effective and free rituals.

In order to achieve very good results quickly, it is advisable to call in a specialist in white magic.

The person performing an effective quick affective return ritual of white magic is usually referred to as a White Mage.
To perform an emotional return ritual, it is necessary to use a support concerning the person (s) to be enchanted. This support can be a photograph, a dagyde (wax figurine) with date of birth, a lock of hair, a nail, or an object belonging to the person (s).
Different objects (receptacles, talismans, stones ...) and different supplies (candles, incense ...) are also necessary for the good progress of a ritual of bewitching an effective rapid emotional return.


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